• Take a Little Time

    “Hourglass” Little boy, when you speak I can’t help but kiss your cheeks I love the way you grab my

    ~Summer Memories~

    Summer is my absolute favorite!  I love sleeping in (even if thats 6:30am), the freshness of the morning, the long

    The Cove

    Small video I put together a little while back.  Just a regular morning out surfing with friends. THE COVE. Thanks for


    A few from my trip to Fiji. spent a small fortune on shipping boards there just to realize i hate surfing over a

    Fall Schedule 2016

    ohhhh hey blog world…. It’s been a while and as usual I’m way behind on posting new session and whats

    Sea Heart

    I’m really excited to be officially starting my new project! Following, talking and documenting people who have a


    Some fun shots from a recent session at Leo Carrillo with the awesome Taylor Bruynzeel. Always a blast with her!  And

    Spring Time

    I always love shooting this time of year.  The color starts to come back to the fields and trees.  The days are

    El Salvador

    We recently had a reunion of all the women who attended Mary Osborne’s El Salvador Escape.  I was asked to make a