Papusas for Days

Feeling incredibly fortunate and lucky at the moment.  I am coming to the close of a 9 days retreat in El Salvador with Mary Osborne.  I was lucky enough to photograph and document the entire escape for all of the attendees.  And just like the first time I was here, El Salvador did not disappoint.  Often portrayed as a little bit scary (I can’t tell you how many looks I got when asked where I was traveling to), but El Salvador is full of little pieces of heaven that just feed your soul.  Coming from the cold cold waters of Ventura, the warm water was enough to get me and all of the attendees super excited.

I can’t say enough good things about the retreat that Mary Osborne puts on.  So, I won’t, I’ll just leave you with some photos.  Because thats what I did while I was here….although I might have snuck in a wave or two…and ate a TON of papusas!  🙂 IMG_1997webpinimage










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